A Catholic school open to the world and to different cultures where English and music play an important role.

Here are the objectives of St. Catherine’s School. In order for your child to develop and succeed in school, it is essential that we share them and that you place your trust in us.

Those who have been loved once in their lives
Know that confidence enables
The strat for great adventures

Sainte Catherine is a Catholic school open to everybody

Our school is a Catholic institution that welcomes everyone in agreement with our vision, whether they share the same Christian faith or not.

Respectful and conscious of others an atmosphere is maintained by everyone at Sainte Catherine to ensure the well-being of the children. Our team keeps a watchful eye on each child, regardless of his religion.

Weekly time is put aside in classroom to teach the history of Christianity. Separately, and as an elective, the practice of catechism and the preparation to sacraments take place at The Church of Saint Severin, which we have a close affiliation with.

Sainte Catherine celebrates cultural diversity and is open to the world

Our school is open to everyone regardless of social status and cultural origin. At Sainte Catherine, we welcome every culture and many children are multilingual.

This diversity fosters a spirit amongst the children to be open to others and promotes an open minded vision of the world.

In our school the teaching of English as a foreign language is of utmost importance. As such, our English teacher is an English native speaker.

Sainte Catherine allows learning and accomplishing

Our school is under a contract of association with the State and respects the National Education’s program.
Our school is a living place: our priority besides helping the children acquiring knowledge and methodology is to ensure their well-being by helping them socialize with others so that they can feel fully accepted.

Sainte Catherine wants to give each child the taste of discovery and to develop his fullest potential by working thoughtfully with a methodical approach and perseverance.
The aptitude, possibilities and rhythm of each child are respected and encouraged in order to acquire autonomy.
Our method is to balance time to learn and time for initiatives.

If difficulty in learning arises, we offer your children support in two ways:

  • a small workshop that groups children with the same difficulties in one class
  • outside of the classroom, we offer a « boost » course led by a specialized teacher.

Cultural and educative outings are organized in connection with scholastic activities.

A lot of different activities such as sports, music, theater, science experimentation, chess, etc take place after school. Through those activities, the children’s centers of interest and abilities are expanded.

Music plays an important role in Sainte-Catherine

Music brings emotion and safety to the child. It also enhances his concentration, his listening and his creativity. Music also helps building connection with the rest of the group. This is why in our school, all pupils are given the possibility to have lessons in music, whether it’s learning a simple instrument or singing in a choir, with a professor from the Music Conservatory.
Our school also welcomes pupils from the prestigious Maîtrise Notre Dame de Paris. They are able to practice singing several afternoons per week

Pupils establish close friendship ties at Sainte Catherine.

We keep the school at a size that permits each child to feel welcomed and known by everybody in this new place in his life.
Sainte Catherine’s staff also builds links between the parents through a dinner taking place each autumn where they can enjoy a festive atmosphere. And many parents and some teachers have formed a Choir that meets once a month (outside of school) : they sing an international mix of songs selected by the group, have some cheer, and prepare for the next upcoming event at the school to sing for the whole community of Sainte Catherine.

Sainte Catherine teaches freedom and responsibility

Our school is a place where discipline is essential so that each child can work and live peacefully.

Our school has chosen to use digital technology. Interactive whiteboards and tablets are gradually deployed both in elementary and nursery school. Children are taught how to use these tools.

Sainte Catherine invites everyone to get involved

Beyond the necessary exchanges between school and parents to closely monitor the child’s education progress, our school also invites parents to get involved in exchanges regarding the well-being of the whole school :

  • Participation in the parents’ association (APEL) – the National Association of Parents engaged in the private Catholic schools.
  • Participation in the school management (OGEC) for the alumni parents – The OGEC (Catholic Education Management Organizations) are responsible for economic, financial and social well-being of the school.
  • Participation to different projects in classes according to parent’s talents or jobs.
    Students and their families are invited to participate to global charitable projects that were put in place to assist those less fortunate.